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September14th 2022

Automated detection of empty HPLC system solvent reservoirs.

Automated detection of empty HPLC system solvent reservoirs

While many modern HPLC and uHPLC instruments offer facility to detect empty solvent reservoirs, they also require human intervention to inform the system about the status of solvent feed bottles. Dedicating a technician to such a mundane task is poor use of resources and limits HPLC system running time to standard lab hours.

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September 7th 2022

Key tools for the Semiconductor industry …. Part 1

Key tools for the Semiconductor industry... Part 1

Cleaning liquids play a key role in the production of #semiconductor wafers. #Preciseflowmeasurement is critical to ensure that exactly the right amount of #cleaningsolution is used. Too little and the cleaning process must be repeated or worse you risk valuable wafers having to be discarded. Likewise, using too much cleaning solution increases your costs. Built from inert materials, our #LiquidFlowmeter is the perfect real-time non-invasive measurement for this critical application.

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