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  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

    Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

    Backed by decades of experience, Testa Analytical has created a range of high-performance GPC/SEC detectors, GPC/SEC Pumps, accessories and software products customizable to meet the exact needs of your challenging application or new product development.

  • Polymers and Material Science

    Polymers and Material Science

    From simple synthetic materials to large natural polymeric materials with complex structure analysis, we offer outstanding analytical tools to further your investigations.

  • Life Science

    Life Science

    Investigate the exciting instrumental tools we offer for analyzing even the most challenging life science samples including proteins, peptides and blood samples.

  • Particulate Materials

    Particulate Materials

    Particles come in many shapes and sizes, why not investigate the powerful analytical tools we have for analysing pigments, clays, nanoparticles and much more.

TESTA Analytical Solutions is a leading specialist supplier of GPC / SEC instruments and detectors for polymer characterization and also high performance particle sizing / zeta potential instruments. Drawing upon over 30 years experience of these instrumental technologies and the array of applications they serve, we are happy to share our knowledge with researchers worldwide to enable you to solve even the most demanding challenges. Continue

Fast & Accurate Measurement of Mass Flow from Peristaltic Pumps

Latest and Archive News

Fast & Accurate Measurement of Mass Flow from Peristaltic Pumps

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K reports how its real time flowmeter can be used to determine average flow rate as well as peak values of pulsation, thereby enabling selection of the most appropriate setting for any peristaltic pump application. Read on...

Latest and Archive News Testa Analytical

Informative Resources

Online Training Presentation: Comparing GPC/SEC Detectors

The first of a new series of GPC/SEC online training presentations 'An overview & comparison of common GPC detectors' has been published for free access by scientists worldwide. Read on...