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by Bruce B. Weiner.

The clearest overview of utilization of Light Scattering techniques for Particle and Polymer Characterisation.

What we do

TESTA Analytical Solutions is purely focused on polymer characterisation and particle sizing, offering the most advanced solutions and equipment for these tasks. For 30 years we have collected our experience in the field, and we are happy and proud to share our knowledge with researchers worldwide assisting in the most demanding applications.

TESTA Analytical Solutions is one of the few manufacturers focused on GPC/SEC instrumentation. For Particle Sizing, SLS ad Zeta Potential we have partnered with Brookhaven Instruments Corp. , we distribute and service their full portfolio in a number of different countries of northern and central Europe.

GPC/SEC Chromatography

GPC/SEC is without a doubt the most flexible technology available today for a compleate characterisation of polymers.

It can be easily adapted to any application by optimizing separation and selecting the detection methods.

Static Light Scattering (SLS)

Static light scattering is a technique in physical chemistry that measures the intensity of the scattered light to obtain the average molecular weight Mw of a macromolecule in solution. Measurement of the scattering intensity at many angles allows calculation of the root mean square radius Rg. It also allows determination of the second virial coefficient A2.

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Size determination of Nanoparticles is nowadays unthinkable without DLS. A solid method for many applications.


Zeta Potential is one of the major parameters of interest when stability of suspensions is investigated.

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TESTA Analytical Solutions is fully focused on Polymer Characterization and Particle Sizing Technologies, offering the most advanced and refined equipment for the most challenging research, development and QC Tasks. TESTA Analytical Solution´s experts are known for their ability to help users solve the most intricate problems and applications, worldwide.

Our know-how is the fundament of our success.


we supply solutions

and the most advanced technologies in Light Scattering (DL/SLS), Viscometry and GPC/SEC Chromatography

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