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Ligth Scattering Light Scattering

BI-200SM Goniometer SystemWith a Brookhaven Instruments BI-200SM Research Goniometer System this rich field of exploration is open to you for studies of both Static Light Scattering (SLS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). The Bl-200SM Research Goniometer System provides access to all of these studies with an automatic,modular and versatile system. It is a precision instrument designed for exacting scattering measurements. Based on a special turntable with precision ball bearings and stepping motor, the Bl-200SM's modern design and quality construction guarantee precise measurements due to the wobble-free movement of the detector. It is field proven in hundreds of laboratories. It is ideal for macro-molecular studies and submicron particle sizing. The BI-200SM's modularity simplifies system expansion. Featuring a standard optical rail, the BI-200SM can be used with neutral density filters, a polarizer, an analyzer, and a reference detector. Special sample requirements can often be met by changing the cell holder design or size.

Particle Explorer Software SuiteTESTA’s Particle Explorer Software Suite is a complete Software package offering all necessary tools to operate our BI-200SM Research Goniometer. It allows Dynamic Light Scattering experiments, Zimm Plot, Advanced Static Light Scattering and also contains the alignment tool required to validate the instrument on a regular base. The Software allows different automation modes for planned time and temperature experiments, control of laser intensity and supports simultaneous multi-angle DLS and SLS measurements. All data collected is automatically stored in a database which offers extended search capabilities for fast data finding. It also allows exports of all data in different formats including CSV and JPG.

Batch Mode dn/dc RefractometerFor all static light scattering applications - dn/dc or the specific refractive index increment is a crucial parameter for ensuring accurate and precise measurements of molecular weight. Developed and refined over many years our cutting edge dn/dc refractometer technology has been supplied as a critical component detector to an international leader in the Light Scattering field.

BI-MwA Mutli-Angle Light Scattering Detector (MALS)Quickly, easily, and accurately determine absolute molecular weights of proteins and polymers. Eliminate SEC/GPC column calibration and improve data quality. Rapidly reduce uncertainty with no assumptions required and true extrapolation to zero angle. Best of all, the BI-MwA has the highest performance/price ratio of any light scattering detector used for molecular weight determination.