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GPC/SEC Chromatography GPC/SEC Chromatography

Refractive Index Detector Kits

...For HPLC Techniques

A high-performance Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector is widely acknowledged as one of the most flexible detectors for liquid chromatography use. A DRI is a detector that measures the refractive index of an analyte relative to the solvent. They are often used as detectors for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gel permeation /size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC). DRI’s are considered to be universal detectors because they can detect anything with a refractive index different from the solvent.

Based on decades of experience in the field, TESTA Analytical Solutions designed a DRI Detector adaptable to fulfil the specific demands of different OEM clients. The key to this versatile detector is based upon modularity of the DRI kit from which it is designed.

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Solvent Line Monitor

Programmable, high sensitivity monitor for detecting gas bubbles.

The amount of gas that a liquid can absorb depends on factors including pressure and temperature gradients, the nature and type of liquid and the gas. Unfortunately, gas bubbles are produced in a liquid when there is more available gas than the liquid can absorb.

TESTA Analytical Solutions has developed a new device designed and proven to increase the reliability of any liquid chromatography or flow chemistry system without interfering with normal operation. Flow rate and pumping together are extremely sensitive to even the smallest bubbles entering the pump head or peristaltic cassette. As such, early detection of air / gas bubbles and remediation of the problem are vital to assure flawless operation of any liquid chromatography or flow chemistry system.

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Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter

Real time monitoring of chromatography system flow rate.

Flow rate is one of the most important parameters in any liquid chromatography system, it determines retention time or volume and therefore has a major influence on reproducibility. The TESTA Analytical liquid chromatography flowmeter has set a new standard for non-invasive measurement of flow rate in HPLC, uHPLC and GPC/SEC systems.

The liquid chromatography flowmeter allows users to set the optimal integration time to suit different applications. For example - sampling data every 0.1 seconds is optimal for real-time monitoring of HPLC pump performance, whereas sampling data every 10 seconds is best for absolute flow rate calibration.

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