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Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter adapts to wide range of applications

⇤ NEWS | 12th December 2021 | Version

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K has launched a new enhanced version of its popular Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter.

Flow rate is one of the most important parameters in any liquid chromatography system, it determines retention time or volume and therefore has a major influence on reproducibility. The TESTA Analytical liquid chromatography flowmeter has set a new standard for non-invasive measurement of flow rate in HPLC and GPC/SEC systems.

Version 1.2 of the liquid chromatography flowmeter allows users to now set the optimal integration time to suit different applications. For example - sampling data every 0.1 seconds is optimal for real-time monitoring of HPLC pump performance whereas sampling data every 10 seconds is best for absolute flow rate calibration.

The new version of the liquid chromatography flowmeter also offers the possibility for users to store on-board different calibration factors for different solvents, along with saving a clear text name of the solvent in use. Furthermore, improved communications data buffering assures that no data is lost even if the device temporarily loses connection to your PC.

Compact in size, and conveniently powered via a USB connection, the TESTA Analytical liquid chromatography flowmeter uses a thermal flow sensor that is not only extremely accurate, sensitive and high-resolution – but it also offers the advantage of being non-invasive. As the sensor does not interfere with the measurement it can operate over a wide dynamic range, and has been demonstrated to be the perfect real-time flow monitoring tool for liquid chromatography applications including calibrating the flow rate of HPLC pumps, troubleshooting defective systems, and continuously validation for regulated products.

For further information on version 1.2 of the Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter please visit https://www.testa-analytical.com/flowmeter-request.html.

Click here to contact Testa Analytical Solutions (+49-30-864-24076).


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